The Mind And Its Healing Aspect!

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I recently discovered that diet, exercise, stress regulation, mindfulness and sleep play a big role in cognitive function and in different ways than they do in heart health. and certain lifestyle interventions can slow the risk of developing dementia by as much as a decade. That is to say you can hack your brain to prolong your life.

Although many people blame symptoms of cognitive issues such as memory loss, brain fog, poor concentration and depression on Physical problems the main root could be brain based problem. There are several science backed ways to release stress’s grip on the brain in order to restore your cognitive power and potential. cellular changes that lead to dementia can occur as early as your thirties and forties when the brain starts aging. This makes it perfect time for you to start taking care of your brain now. The corona virus crisis has made taking care of your brain more imperative than ever. the global pandemic has raised anxiety,stress and fear on millions of people across the globe, sabotaging their mood. Therefore you need to learn how to counter that kind of stress, fear and negative emotions in order to boost your brain and strengthen your mental resolve against a similar sort of tragedy in the future.

We are so near Earth that occasionally we fail to remember how delightful it is. Seen from space our blue planet is an amazingly alive, a living heaven suspended in a tremendous and unfriendly universe. On the primary outing to the moon Astronauts were blown away to see the earth transcend the moon’s forsaken skyline. We realize that on the moon there are no trees, waterways or birds. no other planet has yet been found to have life as far as we might be concerned. It is accounted for that space travelers circling high up in space stations invest the vast majority of their free energy considering the amazing sight of Earth far beneath. From a distance it seems as though one monster living , breathing organic entity. They know billions of individuals are experiencing their lives on this little planet with all their bliss, satisfaction and languishing. they see brutality, wars, starvation and ecological annihilation. Simultaneously they see that this planet so delicate and valuable is indispensable.

As science is fundamental in understanding stars, galaxies as well as intimate fabric of matters, living cells and our own bodies, so is our “Spirituality”. Spirituality assists us with understanding ourselves, our general surroundings and being alive. in here we find who we truly are and comprehend our suffering. In understanding our enduring we ascend to acknowledgment and love and this is the thing that decides our personal satisfaction. We as a whole should be perceived and cherished. Also, we as a whole need to comprehend and be adored. Spirituality isn’t religion. It is a way for us to create joy, comprehension and love so we can live profoundly every snapshot of our lives. Having a profound measurement doesn’t mean getting away from life or abiding in a position of euphoria outside this world yet finding approaches to deal with life’s challenges and produce harmony, satisfaction and joy right where we are.

It is our insights and our actions that will save us from ourselves. Remember that we create every so called illness in our bodies, we therefore must begin to love ourselves, release the past and forgive everyone.It is only through this that we will learn to accept and approve ourselves and If we awaken to our situation, there will be collective change in our consciousness. Then Hope will be possible. “WHAT WE SOW THAT WE REAP”. First let us learn to calm our mind.


Bringing the mind to stillness is easy. you need to focus only on one thing. that could be listening to the rain or focusing on one particular point. the longer you are able to do it the more still your mind becomes. sitting in stillness allows us to see things the way they truly are. When the body is relaxed and the mind comes to rest, we can see clearly. And we become as still and clear as the water


Often times we hear people say breath in and breath out but we don’t understand the impact of breathing in and out in our bodies. Mindful breathing is a wonderful way to calm the body and your feelings, and to restore stillness and peace. When you breathe mindfully, you bring your whole body and mind into harmony, concentrating on the wonder of the breath.


If we could learn to love and admire ourselves in a way that we admire the galaxies and the wild nature, then all the sufferings that are upon us wont be experienced. Our body weight would be optimized to a desirable amount. If we could look at ourselves through the eyes of an astronaut viewing the earth from space, then we will learn to take care of our mind so that we can enjoy life a bit longer to share the stories of love, laughter, hate, sorrow and joy with our loved ones.

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