I could not wait for my father to come and take us home. Everyday I wished to see him, I sometimes wondered along the road hoping that he will pass by, but he didn’t come. I kept on waiting for him and I was not hopeless because I knew he will come someday. The holidays were getting shorter and I was becoming super excited coz I knew now that daddy will be here soon. I couldn’t wait to see my friends again, couldn’t wait to hug mommy grandma, tell her about my journey and how I disliked it.. Ooooh! I couldn’t wait.. The day finally came, I woke up early in the morning, prepared the fire and warmed up the water. Poured myself water to bath and I was set. My brother woke up late and he couldn’t stop laughing at me, I was totally ready my back pack was already at my back. The clock was taking its own time… I had to wait for it to turn for almost 3600 seconds to reach an hour. Damn I was getting anxious with each tick. The moment I was waiting for finally came. My father was here. I nearly bumped onto the van. Oh Mr hugs.. I missed you a lot. He was excited too. His smiles revealed it all. Yes and off we went.. I was the happiest kid in the hood.. 😁

Published by Eve

A mother of 4 beautiful bounties. A wife to the most caring handsome husband.

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