The dissapointment

I was disappointed that the distance wasn’t long, I thought maybe my mother stayed across border or maybe a thousand kilomètres away but she was only 200 km away.. Really 200km? But why haven’t I seen her? Why didn’t she visit? Anyway.

My father was a driver in a primary hospital. So he took us there. Upon arriving at the village, there was a woman who recognized my father and she came running after the van like a mad woman. My brother and I laughed about it, she looked like a crazy woman, little did we know that she was our grandmother. We arrived home, yes home! and the crazy woman got there few minutes later.. Oh man.. Them kisses and hugs, wheeeh, I thought she was my mom until the introductions were made, she was actually my grandmother. My crazy grandmother 😊.

Daddy had to leave and we were to remain with these strangers, it was then that I didn’t want to stay. But daddy being daddy he promised to come and take me the day after and I was convinced. One night won’t hurt afterall, but that was a lie. I was to spend the rest of my summer holidays with them. Okay! so my mother wasn’t there, she had to be called from her own place to come and see us and an hour late she came.

We didn’t recognize her, honestly I have never met this woman standing here before me, but for some reason she thought we ignored her intentionally, she even said how come we think that we are better than her. We were just kids you know. My brother was only 12 then, I literally questioned her level of understanding. I asked her when was the last time she saw us, how old was I and so forth but she couldn’t answer those questions. Instead I was labeled rebellious, talkative and insensitive. And just like that, on the first day, we never clicked. And my brother became the favorite child.

Published by Eve

A mother of 4 beautiful bounties. A wife to the most caring handsome husband.

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