An abondoned village girl

I can still hear my grandmother’s voice calling from afar. The annoyance that rises within me just because I have to stop playing and attend to the chores that I left early on. “Oh grandma.. Just a little longer. Can’t the dishes wait” ?..  I exclaimed. By the look on her face I know that I just have to keep quiet now. Afterall there is tomorrow.

Growing up I never knew I had a mother. I only knew of my grandmother, my father and his siblings. I was just a normal kid who never bothered knowing the whereabouts of her mom, until one day when I was 10 years old. I don’t know what triggered the question but somehow the unfairness that I witnessed made me realize that I was missing something.

Papa visited the village like he always does when it’s month end. He came with some goodies and clothes for everyone . He called on me and I ran towards him, opened up his arms and I was swallowed right inside his big chest. My dad. My everything. The one I look up to see everyday. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. I always waited up for him. To behold his countenance and watch him smile, oh his laughter! He must have been the best father in the whole universe. My heart literally giggled inside.. ♥️💓

Published by Eve

A mother of 4 beautiful bounties. A wife to the most caring handsome husband.

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